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I am a host and its my job to make sure the restroom is clean. Today a man walks to the counter and tells me the bathroom is dirty. I walk into the bathroom and there is a pair of tighty whitys with a GIANT shit stain on them sitting right next to the toilet…. awesome.


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I just cleaned up green puke amd its only 11:12 a.m.


Today I witnessed a man digging into his butt crack (inside his pants) for a good five seconds, then immediately reached for the tongs at a salad bar.


I found this site today and I love it! For your pleasure here is by far my best bartending story of my 12 year bartending career. I worked at a swim up bar at a pool party in Las Vegas for 3 filthy years. One raging Saturday afternoon I had a drunk chick sit at my bar for a good 3 hours. I learned that she had been dieting for this trip for 2 weeks drinking nothing but juice. She was pleasant and it was busy so I started pouring her shots on the house. 4 shots down I could tell she was wasted then I saw it…a merky cloud in the water behind her. At first I thought is was a spilled drink then she yelled “shit!” and booked it out of the pool. This broad shit in the pool right in front of me…a merky 2 week juice diet shit.


I just watched a lady pour like 20 Splednda packets into her iced tea then ask me for, “more Splenda….Like alot more….”


It gets pretty crazy at the bar I work at. One day a girl got so drunk she PEED HER PANTS, there was a huge puddle on and around her chair. Our bouncer asked her to leave but she just sat there in her dirty pee pants until the bouncer made her friends carry her out! bahaha


Was working at a restaurant. Kid and father come in. Kid has a hot dog (our hot dogs were not the greatest). Kid asks for a balloon. I bring both the balloon and the hot dog. Excited kid wants to be able to hold both, so the dad ties the balloon to his–the kid’s–wrist. Kid eats the hot dog and projectile vomits all over the table, the booth, the floor, and (importantly) the balloon.
Dad cuts the balloon off the kid’s wrist, takes the kid to the bathroom. While they’re doing their thing, the balloon starts drifting, dripping vomit on other tables and nearing a ceiling fan (uh oh). So I grab the balloon and say, Hey, I need to deflate this, so I also grab a fork.
Let me pause here to say that my concentration face, when doing a meticulous task, involves a slightly open mouth.
I’m a genius, so I grab the skin near the nipple of the vomit balloon between my fingers and try to puncture it with the fork to let the air out slowly. The balloon popped, spraying my agape face with hotdog vomit.


Had a woman who demanded that everything she ate be heated up, like yogurt, cottage cheese, cake, ice cream, etc…Is that a health code violation!?


A child puked all over his mom and the booth I was sitting in. Oh it was ripe! But what makes this memorable is a table got sat right next to the throw up booth and a giant grown man got a smell of the puke and instantly threw up too…..I spent the next 25 minutes cleaning up 2 piles of puke. I hate my job.


Please if you’re sick keep your sick ass at home. And if your child is to sick to go to school then don’t bring them out for breakfast or lunch. We don’t want to get your sickness, we don’t have sick days.

- Amy