This kid set me off. I was walking by with my hands full of dishes when this kid shouts “Hey waiter!” and shakes his only half empty lemonade at me and looks at me like I’m retarded, and his mom just smiles. So I set the dirty dishes on their table ( I’m having the worst waiting day ever btw) smile at the kid and say “Look dude, waiters really hate it when you shake your cup at them, or yell at them, you see I’ve got 5 other tables, 2 of which haven’t even gotten their drinks yet, I’ve got orders to put in, food to run, and I am perfectly capable of seeing the bright yellow liquid, or lack there of, in your cup. But let me drop everything and go grab your lemonade real quick.” I left the armful of dirty dishes on the table and ran got the little man a lemonade.



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