Almost Got Robbed

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Creeps, Stories
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When I used to waitress, around 2 years ago, I would close with just my female manager and one dish boy. He only spoke Spanish.

Anyway, one night it was dead. A group of 4 guys came in and sat at the counter looking for something to carry out. I was just busy cleaning getting ready to close, about half an hour to go. These guys are acting strange, some where looking around while whispering to each other. They where there for about ten minutes, not even paying attention to the menu. Then I noticed there were two guys at the entrance of the restaurant and three more outside by two cars, which where still running.

At this point I got a bit nervous. The one dish boy was busy cleaning the kitchen and my manager was in the office doing paper work. So here I am, alone. Not even 5 minutes later two police officers (who were my regulars) came in for dinner. As soon as they got in all of the guys left without a hesitation.

When the two officers left they asked if I was okay. I told them I was fine, just a little freaked out by the moment. They told me that those guys were probably going to rob the diner and I’m lucky they came in that night. Most scared I have ever been at work.



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