When They Want to Split the Booze and Food For a Tax Write Off

Posted: June 1, 2013 in Cheap, Stories
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I hate the idiots that split the food and alcohol on their bills, (so they can write it off) and only tip on one of the amounts.

AND act completely confused during the process..

me: Here’s the food bill, here’s the Alcohol bill, and here is the total bill.

her: Why is there a salad on this bill?

me: Oh, that’s the total bill (Remember, I just fucking explained it?) 

her: oh?

Then she’s frowning the whole fucking time, while I run her credit card twice. Wait, THREE times, because she fucks her pin up. After her and her date give me a ton of praise for the amazing experience and the job well done.

Great, $9 on 150.

Thanks a lot for wasting my time


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