Message From Chris: Florida Woman Films Herself Verbally Attacking Dunkin’ Donuts Employees

Posted: June 13, 2013 in Dumb Customers, Embarrassing, Message From Chris, Photo Stories
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Click the picture to view article

Click the picture to view article

Hello, my name is Chris. I am the owner and founder of Every once in a while a story crosses my path that truly affects me. The woman seen abusing Dunkin’ Donuts employees in this video is a 27-year-old Florida woman Taylor Chapman. For some unexplained reason she decided to film herself verbally attacking the day shift employees of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Armed with an iPhone and a slew of ignorant raciest remarks she recorded herself complaining about not receiving a receipt for a previous order. It truly makes me sad that anyone could treat people in this manner. So to enact a little revenge for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that were mistreated I decided to write an article about her. Click the picture to see her in action and read the article.


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