Sandwich Sobbing

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Crazy, Stories
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A few weeks ago, I watched a grown woman sob into her napkin because we left the cheese out of her sandwich…The crazy part was her husband just sat there quietly eating while she threw a tantrum. Bizarre.


  1. sokebe says:

    I used to be a front of the house manager at a large Mexican restaurant chain. During one “Margaritaville Tuesday,” I had a woman scream at a server, asking if she was “trying to kill her” by putting sour topping on her enchiladas. Turns out she was severely lactose-intolerant. When we explained to her that our sour topping actually contained virtually NO milk products (hence the name sour TOPPING), she screamed at me, threatened to call the police and demanded we refund her money AND pack up her food to go. Her enchiladas. Her green chili and CHEESE enchiladas. Lactose-intolerant? Yeah, right…

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