Still not sure how to react when an ex comes to a restaurant YOU work at with the new girlfriend.  I thought the hardest part of serving was being nice to stupid people….a skill in which you are eventually trained to master…being nice to Ex’s and their new significant other is an entirely different scenario- one that I was definitely not prepared for.


  1. SoooLastYear says:

    I think I’d rather quit

  2. It had to be awkward, in my opinion.

  3. coconutspeak says:

    I would ask my manager for back up of any kind if the ex and his ‘date’ act like jerks.

  4. halftangible says:

    I’ve never dated anyone (and never will) so I maaaay lack some perspective, but umm… Is there any reason you couldn’t just A) get a fellow server to do it or B) just behave in a cordial, friendly manner like you would any stranger? I’m assuming the break-up was somewhat amicable, or at least somewhat. (i mean if it was hostile then this would be the best time for some old-fashioned revenge or something, but that’s just me)

  5. Michali says:

    So how did you handle it?

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