Let’s face it, there are horrible people out there, and since we are in the service industry we have to take their trash. This video is shining beacon of hope, one cook sick of their shit, laying down the hammer. Enjoy and live vicariously through this video next time a scum sucker ends up in your section.

and don’t forget….tip your waitress

  1. melodymom says:

    Love it! Right prevails!

  2. Wordlander says:

    Lafayette is my favorite True Blood character. “Tip your waitress!”

  3. adjpants says:

    It’s from the TV series True Blood- LOVE THIS SCENE!

  4. I think I worked with him…lol.

  5. estyree says:

    That is from True Blood, I believe in the first season.

  6. helenrj says:

    I’m yelling, “Hurrah!” What movie was that? I was an actress…worked food service for years…totally understand!

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