I’d bitch a lot less, and be a lot happier if you just let me drink on the fucking clock.

-Everyone in the service industry ever

  1. clevelandbartender says:

    My cool ass owner used to let me start about 2 hours before close. For free too! Then as I was closing out the bar and register they would stay with me and make us a couple pizzas and we would all have tons of food and drinks after the doors were locked. They even always paid for a cab home for me! I LOVED that place! Was the funnest I ever had serving and bartending! It was also a fairly small bar/grill and they knew me well. I also knew and respected them enough to never get drunk or hammered while I was still working. I really missed that place after I graduated college and moved to another city! I still to this day keep in touch with the owners!

  2. seconded by every secretary ever!

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