I work(ed) at a popular local chain of restaurants in Utah for several years, I’ll keep it unnamed just in case you still want to eat there. We serve little pieces of bread (cut from a baguette-esque loaf of bread, roughly 1.5-2 inches) with every meal.
One time a customer came up to us, mildly disgusted but ultimately cool about it, about a tooth she found in her bread. A HUMAN tooth. You know how we knew she wasn’t pulling our collective leg? The tooth itself was black and showing serious signs of decay. My boss quarantine’d the defective piece of bread to “send back to xxx Bakery” (we outsourced our bread). I don’t know if he ever did or not, he was a dumbass.
The real kicker was when I saw it happen again, less than two weeks later. Same style, just a sweaty old blackened tooth. I even heard rumors of a third occurrence by multiple employees, but I was never able to confirm this. I know that, to this day, they still buy bread from the same bakery, because I’ve seen their trucks make deliveries in the morning. It’s fucked up


  1. ferwam says:

    Scary to think we all ,at some moments in ower lives, eat out. Also I wonder who has been loosing their tooth in the daugh/ batter..?

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