To The People Who Stiff us For no Reason

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Bad Tip, Stories
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I wish that I could tell these cheap ass people that the IRS assumes us servers make a certain amount in tips per hour and when they decide to stiff us we are being taxed on money we didn’t make. Plus we usually have to give money to support other staff members through tip shares!


  1. Fabiola says:

    Not only that. How about the people that don’t pay the whole bill? I’m a waitress for over 8 years and saw this happening in different restaurants. I really don’t know what makes people think that they don’t need to pay the whole amount of the bill or even worst, when the card gets decline and they don’t have other way of payment. So please “check if you have money before coming to a restaurant!!!!!”

  2. Definitely sad, and really shameful. If people have enough money to eat out, they should ALWAYS tip (unless the waiter had some sort of attitude problem, or couldn’t get your order straight).

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