When somebody orders water with no ice I immediately have the urge to punch them in the face.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a table order a round of 14 drinks, I had rung them through and personally made them. I take them on a tray to the table and that’s when they looked at me in disgust and said “We don’t want ice in our drinks”…. (in my head) “Why didn’t you fucking say so?! (out loud) “Sorry guys, I’ll fix it up for you”. My bf at work saw my “smile” and had taken the tray off me and fixed it herself volutarily lol

  2. Tabitha S. says:

    I’ve had service guys show me what those ice bins look like (not very clean) and so I just say no ice as a rule.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Immediate, LOL! Thanks for breaking the ice here in NC.

  4. smtuiolosega says:

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    I second that!

  5. LemonRainDrop says:

    I’d be the poor kid getting the punch to the face :) I’m a water no ice girl. Can’t do cold drinks without getting a splitting headache :/ wimpy teeth..

  6. Amazing. You’d definitely punch me. I hate it that cold but also if I order soda with no ice I do it more because they always put so much I’ve in there’s almost no soda. Am I just unamerican?

  7. Oh Lol!!! This made me laugh because I can only do water with ice…but soooo many people skip the ice!! Only time its no ice is when I am on holiday abroad and unsure of the ice being made with clean water!

  8. aedanwriter says:

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    I completely agree with you. Do they understand that the Ice is the same Water they are drinking??

  9. I immediately have the urge to punch MYSELF in the face for getting them their water with no ice when… I have an insanely full bar/rail and my tits are being blown right off of my body…the gun pours out like the end of a shampoo bottle…and I get nothing but a “Thaaaannnnks” verbal tip. #ignoreyoutherestofthenight

  10. Why? A lot of people don’t like to drink cold water because it gives a shock to the system supposedly.

  11. I can’t drink water with ice because I have sensitive teeth and the ice makes my teeth hurt lol

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