He Looked Like a Cross Between Bill Murray and Robin Williams

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Dumb Customers, Stories
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I had a guy come in and sit at one of my lounge tables. He looked like a cross between Bill Murray and Robin Williams, clearly out of it, and carrying a bottle of Orange Crush. So he sits down, orders a beer. He pours some of it into a glass, sips it for a while.. nothing weird. Then he orders a mudslide. Okay, go get that too. By now he’s talking to other customers and kind of creeping them out. He’s about halfway done his drinks when he decides, “fuck it, I’ll drink ’em all at once. Super drink!”

He poured the rest of his beer and orange crush into his mudslide, and continued to drink. He then asked me for his bill and a to go cup. WTF?


  1. jasminplease says:

    THis is hilarious. WHO IS THIS MAN!? hahah

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