This was a couple of months ago, but I had a 4-top on a busy Saturday night (Grandma, father, mother, daughter). The grandma came up to me as I was walking up and said that she was the one to get the check. Okay, cool, no big deal. As I was taking the drink order, the father told me that he wanted the check. Well, grandma already called dibs but I’m not about to tell him that.

They are finishing up and she signals that she wants the check. I secretly give it to her as I’m setting down some refills. Father asks me to bring the check over, but I’ve already got grandma’s card in my hand. So I tell him sure thing, go and run grandma’s card, and wrote on one of my order sheets (looks way different than our checks), “Sorry, she already paid… :\” I handed that to him as I handed the real check to grandma.

My heart was pounding after dropping that off. I was sure he would complain, I would get in trouble, it would be seen as rude or offensive. He calls me over to their table in a stern kind of voice, and then laughs. Handed me a $20 for being able to pull a joke on him. I thanked him, and went to the back to breathe a huge sigh of relief.


  1. Mendy Kelley says:

    Great service and a special cool way of handling the situation. Kudos.

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