Note to all 15 year olds: the whole “ewww there was a hair in my fries. Even though I ate them all, I refuse to pay for these and actually want some more” trick only works once per restaurant. Unless you like spit in your fries, please take note of this advice given. Thank you.


  1. realeyezlife says:

    Note to all people who go to starbucks, if you don’t tip a dollar or more, you get DECAF…just a little rule I started when working for them 15 years ago…now 80% of their barista and floor staff seem to be following my little rule..if one is an a-hole, one deserves to be treated like’s really that simple…always TIP your servers properly or pay the consequences

  2. I make it a point not to complain about things like that in restaurants, for reasons stated. Besides, does’t the FDA allow so many rat hairs in a bag of Fritos?

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