I am a Waiter Not a Stripper

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Funny, Stories
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After paying with exact change a mother with 2 spoiled bratty kids thrusts a dollar bill at me and says, “thanks, you were so good with us.  take this,”  then shook the dollar under my nose. The paper touched my face (her bill was $107.65) . I said, “I am a waiter not a stripper, keep that dollar for later hun.” Then walked away. Got chewed out by my boss but it was worth it.

– Kyle

  1. pretty cool story and I’d do that too.

  2. Would a 50 have worked? (Just kidding!)

  3. librarylady says:

    Hah. I never think of great comments like that. Touche!

  4. floridaborne says:

    This blog is so enlightening. Sounds like the job should come with hazard pay.

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