You ever notice it’s always fat woman in high heels that fall. And after they hit the ground and the shock wave is over they start screaming at the nearest person like it was their fault. A 2cm width 5inch heel can only handle so much!!!! Maybe you didn’t need that extra helping or that 4th glass of wine….


  1. ROFL. Now now Jen, a fat thigh is like a hallow leg…4 glasses of wine is just a small bottle… and technically not at fault for the fall for a fatty while “ye old skinny-bitch” might be effected. Unless said fall is brought by someone shoving you, it’s your own sad luck. This is a universal truth.
    Heels are like Tube Dresses – fashionable…but not OSFA. ( one size fits all)
    Ankle strength is key – If you don’t have the muscle – don’t do the hustle, at least in heels.

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