Hipster Wanna-Be

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Funny, Stories
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This hipster wanna be kid with a really dirty looking beard and a stupid fedora comes into my bar around 2pm yesterday with one of those fixed gear bikes, tries real hard to find a place to put it, plops down his man-bag-purse, on the table, takes off his small square glasses with no lenses and asks me if i have a vegan menu….At what point is it OK to backhand someone for being such an extreme asshole?


  1. Miss Magic Moon says:

    Bowties are cool.

  2. Dr. Waitress says:

    People who wear fedoras never win

  3. Hahahaha, oh my goodness. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Thank you!

  4. beingzora says:

    Right then and there!

  5. chrisfrancz says:

    Hipster is a disease and we must have compassion on the afflicted. Conforming to the Hipster look and lifestyle is a serious medical and mental condition and hopefully science will find a cure so those suffering with Hipster can return to a normal life and donate their stupid tiny eyeglasses and fedoras to movie prop companies.

  6. proseofrose says:

    I feel like I missed the assholey part.

  7. Tom G says:

    no court in the land could convict you

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