I bus tables and hostess at an upscale diner. About a month into working there, during a regular weekday lunch shift, a family of three walked in and I sat them at a two-top (with an extra chair for the baby carrier) beside an empty four-top.
The mother pulled out two chairs from the table beside theirs and proceeded to change her filthy spawn right there. RIGHT THERE. In the corner of the goddamn dining area. I spent about fifteen minutes after they left just sanitizing the entire two tables and all the chairs.
People are super icky.


  1. librarylady says:

    I remember once when my toddler was well, a toddler, and we had him in a nice restaurant. He choked on something and spit up on his clothes. We had to strip him and do some major damage control, but we went to the BATHROOM to do it. I was horrified enough that it had happened and apologized profusely to our fellow diners.

  2. Elaine says:

    That’s a health code violation I would think. The manager should have stepped in immediately and ask the woman to do this in the restroom. Disgusting people!

  3. 7equilasunrise says:

    Some people.

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