Sign #1 That You Never Grew a Pair

Posted: December 13, 2013 in Gross, Stories
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One of the funniest things I see as a female bartender is when men try to show how “manly” they are by drinking waaaay to much, and then puking…


Anyway, I WISH I had been there to witness what happened last night, but I only heard from another coworker so I can’t be as detailed as I’d like to be.

Last night, a man came into our bar and had two shots of Maker’s Mark…paid his bill….and got drunk…

The man got drunk off of TWO SHOTS!…. and then proceeded to puke EVERYWHERE….and the ambulance was called.

Today, he came back in the restaurant because we had his credit card and went up to one of our bartenders, Angelic, who just happened to be the one serving him last night. He said, “Man… I don’t remember ANYTHING from last night. The last thing I clearly remember doing was signing my credit card receipt.”

Angelic: “Well, sir, you had two shots of Maker’s Mark, puked all over my bar, passed out, and then I had to call an ambulance for you.”


Sign 1 that you never grew a pair…..


  1. To be frank, beer tastes like crap. Thats why I love vodka

  2. manvirrai says:

    made my night hahahahaah

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