Just caught my boyfriend of 2 years (who I work with and live with) making out with a hostess behind our restaurant. FML.


  1. Lisa Kane says:

    What did you say when you caught them?

  2. 7equilasunrise says:

    Sorry to hear that, that must hurt like a son of a bitch. At least you won’t end up spending the rest of your life with this asshole.
    Hope you find the love you deserve.
    P.s. I agree with floridaborne, but I’d smash his computer first.

  3. Chin high, urges remain in the fist, and hold your breath. You’re stronger than this.

  4. floridaborne says:

    Hopefully, you’re able to get back home, throw all his stuff out, write the name of the other woman on a piece of paper (taping it to his computer), and get the locks changed before he comes back from a 2-timing tryst.

    It’s hard to accomplish so much at one time (that’s what friends are for), but the look on his face when he sees the other woman’s name taped to his computer is PRICELESS. :-)

  5. vdubboogie says:

    Reblogged this on Vdubboogie Blog's and commented:
    until women understand men , this would actually mean something, if he hasn’t had time to develop a relationship , it was just a chance that he took and got caught , you women have 3 options stay go , or control the situation

  6. lula avila says:

    Ouch, what an idiot! i can’t imagine how you must feel, i’m very sorry.

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