She Got Perma-Banned From The Restaurant

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Revenge, Stories
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Had a woman shouting over the entire restaurant over how her bbq chicken wings were shit after she ate all 12 of them, leaving nothing but the bones. She also commented on the bad smell of the sauce, it’s full of blue cheese you idiot, what did you expect. She also didn’t like the pasta carbonara that her date was eating, he gestured it was good but didn’t want to add to the scene.
Luckily there were only 4 other customers present. She was a semi regular, claimed to know the owner and what not. That made it all the more fun when she was demanding a discount, the waiters refused to take her money and she was perma-banned from the restaurant.


  1. eadavisblog says:

    I know money is tight, but this whole “Wanting something for nothing,” crap that some people feel entitled to has gone too far

  2. shaundowdall says:

    The joy of working with the public :P

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