You Are Not Qualified to Have Children

Posted: January 8, 2014 in bad parents, Stories
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I waited on a mother and her two daughters the other night. The girls were clearly in their early teens and the mother had one of those weird expressionless botox faces. I approach the table and the first thing out of this woman’s mouth was this, “hello, these are my daughters they aren’t 21 but I am their mother and I want them drinking with me tonight…so bring us 3 Margaritas and 3 shots of Patron.” after refusing her request I come back to the table with a round of waters and the same woman that seemed intent on getting her little girls hammered is now holding her iphone and showing them pictures of her in a skimpy bikini and asking which picture she should send to her boyfriends. BOYFRIENDS as in plural!

Then she sent her food back, complained about the temperature of the restaurant, asked to move tables, complained to my manager because I was rude for denying her underage daughters booze, and stiffed me.

The only thing I could think as I held the receipt in my hand with a big fat zero where the tip is supposed to go was……I wonder what her daughter’s stripper names are going to be.


  1. Dweeze says:

    Awful. If you think thats bad try sitting in a waiting room for glamour shots that someone gave you as a gift. Its like “parade of the slut puppies” and a big competition for Moms to see if they can out do their daughters. Its like they only care about being their kid’s BFF. WTF? You are her MOTHER. Someday, if youre lucky, when she stops hating you for keeping her on the right trck you can become friends. Now you have a job to do, Cougar woman, so get a grip.

  2. When I was a waitress I had a similar situation. Except it was a father who brought in his daughter and her friend for prom. HE was both of their dates, which seemed ..normal.. O.o … until he asked to get some liquor in a To Go cup. So he could get them hammered. 1)Why do you need you 16 year old daughter drinking at her prom and 2) Why would you WANT her to drink at prom? So she gets sloshed and you can get with her also drunken friend. It was a creepy situation.

  3. That woman should have been arrested for trying to contribute to the delinquency of two minors, her teenage daughers. Awful.

  4. visitingmissouri says:

    I bet we’ll see Margarita and Patron doing a double act at The Greasy Pole anytime soon.

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