Get this! I had four ladies at one of my booths last Saturday. I walk up to the table to get their drink order, the first gal orders a cocktail and says, “you are going to get me my drink and put it in a faaaancy glass”

I inform her that we have only three types of glasses in the restaurant and she yeeelllsss back at me, “no you didn’t just say that girl cause I am lookin’ round this here restaurant and I see all kiiiinds of fancy glasses!” she then points to the walls and says, “look” (our restaurant is plastered with stupid decorations all over the place) so I inform her that they are just for decoration but before I can finish my statement she yells, “Get me yo manager!” I say I thought you would never ask, they were then kicked out for cussing at my manager and causing a scene! HA! YOU FANCY HUH! HAHA!


  1. LOL, glad you kicked her up-itty ass out!!!

  2. stephanyteatai says:

    Lmao I wish I coulda been the manager haha

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