Can I Just Say That People Who Work at Restaurants Are Not Your Slaves?

Posted: January 15, 2014 in awesome, Stories
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We are also not your servants. We sure as hell aren’t your dog and we are not your mother or your maid. I cannot stand when people have no manners, are rude, dirty or just have no idea how to conduct themselves in public.

Here’s a few general reminders for next time you go out to eat:

  • If you walk in and there is a hostess you can generally assume YOU DO NOT SEAT YOURSELF
  • Once said hostess seats you IT IS RUDE TO MOVE TABLES WITHOUT ASKING
  • Restaurants generally follow a seating rotation. That being said there is a reason you’re being sat where you are.
  • People make mistakes. Hostesses and waitresses are people too.
  • If you’re polite, I can almost guarantee your service will be 100x better.
  • Waiters and waitresses make about 2 dollars an hour: most of which they have to give back to the restaurant. TIP YOUR SERVER.
  • Say please and thank you. It honestly does make a difference.
  • If you’re going to request a table, don’t request one that you can obviously see is dirty.
  • A call ahead is different from a reservation.
  • If everyone in the restaurant can hear your conversation, YOU ARE TALKING TOO LOUD.
  • The menus are not place mats


  1. bigbadsheep says:

    While I agree with all other points, please allow me to disagree on the tipping point.As me and as others, it’s a job that you chose to do it.No one is forcin you to do it.I don’t ask or get tips for doing my job.I just negociated well my paycheck to include all the disturbing facts that I might deal with while doing my job.
    Also, the problem is mostly with your boss, whom should include in overall price serving and tipping.
    As you find rude people doing what you wrote, I find rude people telling me that I should tip.Nevertheless I am doing it.
    PS. In Italy, the tipping problem is included in “coperto”,which you have to pay.But if you want to leave some extra, you can do it.
    Just my two cents on the problem

  2. pointlesscookie says:

    I can’t stand it when people snap their fingers or whistle at waiters either. THEY’RE NOT YOUR DOG. It’s like patting people on the head when you do that. Whether it’s your intention or not, it’s demeaning and disrespectful. Stop.

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