Letting Your Kids Run Wild

Posted: January 15, 2014 in bad parents, Stories
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Letting your children run wild and destroy the place. Cut it the fuck out.

This is the single worst thing patrons can do. It seems, in my area at least, about half of parents feel that when they walk through the front doors they are no longer responsible for their children. They let the kids run around the restaurant, no matter how busy we are, and/or toss everything that’s on the table onto the floor.


  1. Sunrie says:

    We used to keep them in the back and call the police, reporting the parents for neglect.

  2. rod says:

    This isn’t too great for other customers either. Whenever a see a sign indicating that a place is ‘family friendly’ i walk the other way.

  3. rocomic says:

    Yeah, I hadta’ clean up some vile child’s pxss one time. Wouldn’t’ve minded if the little prick wasn’t such a cxnt. Alas, he was. And his piece of shxt mother didn’t do fxck all to help.

  4. I SO KNOW THESE FEELS! I work in retail, quite expensive computers and other technologies, but they come in and run and scream! And the parents are so goddman busy tring to spend thousands of dollars on items they don’t need that they actually forget about their kids, and it suddenly becomes someone else’ responsibility to be the parent.

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