People that get an attitude when they order a coke and I tell them we have pepsi….Go Fuck Your Self.


  1. mapofjo says:

    I AM that person.
    But I only get an attitude when they DON’T tell you it’s Pepsi…… And you get it and your all like … “This coke tastes like Pepsi. Shit.”

  2. NUCLEARMIND says:

    People who drink Coke are fundamentally flawed in the brains and sex appeal department – It is the opposite for people who drink Pepsi.This is a wellknown fact based on a 2013 study out of Harvard’s School of Assholes. :)

  3. mbman says:

    Its all the same thing to me. Just a slightly diffrent mixture of carbonation, sugar and/or high fructose corn syrup.

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