I Like Totally Want a Vegan

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Dumb Customers, Stories
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A lady asked me if we had any VEGAN omelettes.  I then told her we had a vegetarian omelette but I’m pretty sure vegan omelettes don’t exist since omelettes usually have eggs in them.  She asked to talk to my boss about my “attitude problem” *Face Palm*


  1. Sunrie says:

    How big of a waste you are is directly proportional to how much meat you don’t eat. Vegans rate the top.

  2. Make Something Mondays says:

    Ohh wow… Hahaha! I would love to say that I’m surprised but I waitressed for 8 years so, sadly, I feel your pain. Some lady tried to get me fired once because I didn’t put whipped cream on her pie (to go).

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