Sunshine and Compliments do Not Pay My Bills

Posted: February 13, 2014 in Cheap, Stories
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The next time your restaurant bill is $37.72 and you feel compelled to give your server $40 and tell them “keep the change…you were so great!”,

Don’t do it. Less than 10% is insulting. :(

It’s nights like tonight that make me want to remind everybody that I do not pay my rent (or bills. or student loans.) in sunshine and compliments.


  1. Preston says:

    The thing that totally PISSES me off are women who insist on doing a little “knee bend” and saying “Thank you so much!” Oh yeah, that really pays the bills! I blame it on bad parenting…my son has known since he was around 4 years old that is not just expected to tip but to be GENEROUS when you do!

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    Eating out etiquette

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