All I Could do Was Gesture For Them to Switch

Posted: February 14, 2014 in Funny, Stories
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A couple orders food together. Man gets a plain hamburger and the female gets a hamburger ketchup only. They call me back to the table and the man says he ordered it plain but got ketchup and the girl says she wanted ketchup but got a hamburger plain. I still don’t know if they were trolling but all I could do was gesture for them to switch hamburgers as I was dumbfounded.


  1. Reblogged this on Perceiving a Life and commented:
    A favorite post from one of my favorite blogs! I read the posts in my half-cigarette breaks (because lets face it, when you only have 10min to smoke, pee, and steal food, no one gets their full nicotine fix) and it helps get me through the shift… Enjoy this all-too-common occurrence.

  2. Sunrie says:

    …for the love of bacon… It’s like when no one at the table remembers what they ordered…

  3. I love it! That is just hilarious.

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