Excuse me…how spicy is your spicy jambalaya? How am I supposed to know how to answer that question? Dumbass. Do you like white bread? Do you like a thick coat of mayonnaise? If you answered yes to those two questions and are concerned about the degree of spice in the SPICY jambalaya then order oatmeal and get out of my face with your stupid question.


  1. undergroundmic says:

    Lmao nice. I like this due to the bluntness revolved around idiotic questions.

  2. Note to self….do not ask how spicy the spicy item on the menu is! :)

  3. slesser1013 says:

    LOl :) u guys always make me laugh with your stories. I love this blog!!

  4. Sunrie says:

    *LOL* That’s my wife with the spicy! I’ve become her official heat taster. If I say it has even remotely any heat to it, she stays the hell away since I can stand hot better than her.

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