Switched a $20 for a $5

Posted: March 4, 2014 in Cheap, Stories
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Big family table comes in. Everything goes fine. Bill was probably $150 or so. The dad pays. I see him drop a $20 on the table. The family all gets up to leave. Last to leave? Mom. She gets up, watches everybody start heading for the door, picks up the $20, leaves a $5 instead.


  1. How sad that they would need the money so much to do that or be that stingy.

  2. LilRed says:

    That’s ridiculous!

  3. joannwentzel says:

    Economy is bad and money is tight for most folks, but that is certainly not enough and was very crappy.

  4. cindimichealle says:

    Not cool.

  5. Scriblet says:

    This is why I love our “monopoly money.” You can’t mistake a green bill for a blue one…

  6. meredithwyatt1990 says:

    That’s terrible

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