A Little Somethin Extra to Get You Through Your Shift

adorable little critter

the daily show

beauty picture

none of your falcon business

funny news headlines

funny comments

color fun funny picture

mesa picture


gremlin puppy

angry bird condom

adorable kitten asleep in pocket

sky walkway

art picture of mist

Halloween costumes

Jessica rabbit

angry face

above the clouds

California flag mug

Better blow jobs than no jobs bumper sticker

dog with face smashed on glass

angel passing gass

wrecking ball sloth

car accident broke in half

baby in halloween costume clockwork orange

jason with crocks

stupid shoes memes


Madison-Milton Bridge

sexy girl in bikini floating in ocean

black man with stupid haircut

art tree

nickelodeon pinatas


amazing orbit picture

kitten with stupid face

drinking humor

i can't go back to yesterday because i was a different person then

Halloween costume on beach

sexual discrimination

breaking bad scene cloud

time lapse art

cats kids dogs humor

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