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I was working a double on Easter yesterday, and we have a relatively busy restaurant that’s generally reservations only (especially on a holiday.) We had a walk in of a mother and daughter, and we bent over backwards to cater to their every needs. At the end of their meal (after they had been there for almost 3 hours), she told me I had been the best server she had ever had in her entire life and she was so thankful I took care of her and her daughter and made their Easter fun…but that her policy wasn’t to tip, so not to be offended since the tip didn’t reflect my service.

Worst verbal tip I’ve ever gotten. Still can’t believe she pulled me aside to explain her guilty conscience to me.


I had a couple of yankee douches tip me a penny because they ordered appetizers and entrees but only had 30 minutes for lunch. As if there lack of time management was my fault. Anyway, I walked outside and threw their yankee douching penny at them as they drove away.

Later the same night the very same pair of yankee douches called to complain. Fortunately my yankee douche manager Troy answered the phone and proceeded to insult them for improper tipping.

– Nicklaus

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I had a four top walk in, order extremely complicated special orders, eat, compliment then stiff me on the tab… Best part, they all work at the Outback down the road.


Table of 6 . two two year olds destroyed the floor. 4 Adult Fat Asses had seven refills each of sweet at the table ,and took a refill to go as well.Needed extra napkins, extra ranch, grapes only for their brats instead of the preportioned mixed fruit that we typically use.They also ordered a to go lunch .Ran my ass off for them.The dad pays the bill and says ” everything was great I wish I could have left you more- but the bill was 70$and we are feeding other peoples kids” The tip was 2 freakin dollars on a 70 check !!!!!!—- HERES AN IDEA —-TAKE YOUR MORONIC WEST VIRGINIA HILLBILLY ASSES TO THE GROCERY STORE AND BUY SEVENTY DOLLARS WORTH OF GROCERIES NEXT TIME. Instead of WASTING my time and keeping me from making a decent tip from a NON-jerk.


I’m a waitress in a country club restaurant, so I get a lot of grumpy old men for customers. One night I had a 6 top and the guy that was the member is very well known by all of the staff and very disliked. They all put in their orders with me and he gets the baked stuffed lobster, which is 36$. I bring them their food and come back a couple minutes later and ask how everything is. Everyone said their food is fine and I come back as everyone is finishing up. With an empty plate in front of him, he tells me it was awful. I laugh, as I thought he was joking because his plate was empty. I clear all the plates and without my knowledge, he goes to my manager and requests another lobster, and my manager not knowing the situation, brings him one. The guy somehow gobbles it down before I brought out dessert and another waitress cleared the plate. I only figured out the situation when they were on their way out the door, leaving me with zero tip for a 130$ bill…and all the guy drinks is MGD 64…fucker..


I had a very large group of people come in 15 minutes before closing. They special ordered everything. Sang a VERY loud and animated rendition of Happy Birthday, gospel style. Asked me very awkward questions, and left no tip whatsoever. hallelujah!!


I worked in a very popular area at TGI Fridy’s by downtown Disney. I was working a party of 15 Europeans. On the bottom of the menu, mind you, states that any party of 8 or more will have added gratuity. I did my very best to please everyone and make sure everything came in in a timely manner. They were very friendly and said everything was great. So when I gave them the bill they were flabbergasted by the fact that the gratuity was already added and I explained to them how it’s stated in BOLD print on the menu. They wanted to speak to my manager and after two minutes of my manager explaining he ended up taking the grat. off and the BASTARDS only left me $0.67 on a $268.67 bill! Yes I kept the receipt to remind me everyday why I will NEVER go back to the restaurant industry especially in a very touristy area!


Even though its Halloween, candy is not acceptable in place of a tip. I just got a snickers bar and 2 jr. sized kit kats on a $57.00 tab…