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I walk into the back room to hear my managers bitching about how we all come into work looking like shit…how the bartender isn’t wearing socks, how Dave is always sweaty, ect., ect. Note to managers: NO ONE GIVES A FUCK WHAT THEY LOOK LIKE WHILE WORKING…WE WILL LITERALLY CONTINUE TO WEAR OUR JANKY CLOTHES UNTIL THEY FALL OFF!

Yes……. if you have coupons for free everything you still tip the waiter. A genuine question I was asked today by a grown man.


Servers and Tipping, Today I had a table of servers that work at the restaurant next to mine. I know that because they came in in their uniforms. I did an awesome job for them and they tipped 10%….

I hate when servers don’t have respect to leave a decent tip at another restaurant. The service industry should be like a community of workers who through similar experiences can respect each other for the hard work each of us does night in and night out. Its as if we should all be apart of an unspoken union. Plus its just bad karma to treat a good server like shit and leave them a bad tip. Tips come around and they go around. As a server I and my other server friends usually Sincerely,

– Graham

A large lady came in with 3 kids and was on her cell phone the entire time, not watching her kids. She then order a Coke and 3 refills. I told her that is not how it works, she got mad, yelled, demanded the manager. The manager talks to her, she yells at him, he comes back to me, demands I give her what she wants and get her out of there. I give her 4 Cokes, 1 for her and 3 for her 3 kids who were not even at the table. She then orders her food, which was 3 enchiladas with rice and beans and 3 plates, easy enough I guess she wanted to share. I bring her food out, before even eating it, she claims it is not right, asks me to redo it! I reach to take the plate back, she says “Nah uh! I’m hungry!” and pulls the plate away from me. I go get the manager again, he doesn’t even want to talk to her, I just input the order again, and bring it to her. When I bring her the second plate, she had already split the food among her 3 kids and just ate the new plate for herself. So she got 2 entrees and 4 drinks for the price of 1 entree and 1 drink just because she was rude and very ghetto… Left no tip…


I used to work at a BBQ place in N.Fla. On Sundays we did all-u-can-eat chicken for $3.99. We used to have this family of 8 come in and they all got the chicken. They also never let us clear the table until after they were completely done eating. Did I mention that Dad weighed about 350 lbs.? He had an appetite to match let me tell you. OK-so-an hour and a half later they are finally done and the table is piled high with napkins -sucked clean chicken bones-empty baskets of garlic bread,etc. It’s a mess. $60 tab-$5 tip.


One of my tables brought their own beer to the resturant…


I hate the idiots that split the food and alcohol on their bills, (so they can write it off) and only tip on one of the amounts.

AND act completely confused during the process..

me: Here’s the food bill, here’s the Alcohol bill, and here is the total bill.

her: Why is there a salad on this bill?

me: Oh, that’s the total bill (Remember, I just fucking explained it?) 

her: oh?

Then she’s frowning the whole fucking time, while I run her credit card twice. Wait, THREE times, because she fucks her pin up. After her and her date give me a ton of praise for the amazing experience and the job well done.

Great, $9 on 150.

Thanks a lot for wasting my time


It blows my mind how many more cheap assholes show up when my restaurant advertises our unlimited soup salad and bread stick meal….I get it, you are going to run me all over the restaurant for an hour while you slurp down 4 bowls of soup and demand more salty bread sticks to soak up all that extra ranch your fupa is demanding you consume….but do you really have to tip me $1????


I used to work for Bennigan’s and it was fun at first until I got stuck on the swing shift nearly every week. This lady and her husband would come in right after the lunch rush and sit at the same table everyday. She would order the seafood platter for the both of them even though he DIDN’T want it. She would eat most his plate leaving him with one piece and a hushpuppie and when it came time for the check, she would try to negotiate the bill and NEVER left a tip!

Not only did they never tip one day they stole my tip off another table! These teenagers only purchased fries and drinks and left a $20 for their tab that was only $7 at the most. I saw their generous tip sitting on the table and i was stoked! I looked away for a minute to greet another table and looked back and the money was gone and the “seafood” couple had also left leaving only one dollar on the table!

The only way I knew they stole the money off the other table is because there was no one else in that part of the dining area except the new table that just seated. The teens didn’t return and my manager was on one of his many coffee breaks! Lesson learned: grab your tickets as soon as they depart the table! Now when I go out, I personally hand my payment to the waitstaff because I don’t want the same happening to me!

– Karen

My last table last night? A 9 top, split between a co-worker and myself

-Very backwoodsy, but polite during the whole meal.

-Except this one kid who asked me for another orange creme soda at least 5 times after I’d told him I’d get him another (when I hadn’t left the table yet and could not have produced said soda)

-Complimented my co-worker heavily and didn’t say anything to me, though I was doing my fair share of work.

-Tip? $4. Split between the two of us leaves $2 bucks.

-Oh, and a little “come to Jesus” card.

Thanks guys.

– John