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Every time I watch my manager give something away for free because some cheap prick complained I die a little inside.

– Travis

So, if you don’t have the money to leave a tip..order take out so i don’t have to clean up your shit. it’s not my fucking job to clean up your shit for free. i’m not your mom.


Had a family at my table, I asked if they like their food and if there was anything I could get for them, they said everything was fine. The wife finished her sandwich then got up and found my manager. She had the nerve to say that her sandwich was terrible and she wanted a refund for everybody’s meal since her sandwich was disgusting. My manager straight up laughed at her and told her if she hadn’t finished it he would have gladly gotten her another sandwich but since she lied and said she liked it she wasn’t getting anything for free. Yeah! Take that creepy cheap ass!


“Add a $5 tip, for you (wink, wink)”. REALLY?!?! Any person that says that needs to be drug out into the street and shot. Especially tonight – I had a party of 9 and their bill was $250. The “lady” of the table flagged me down and asked for the bill. She also pulled me aside and told me to “put a $5 tip on the check, just for me (wink, wink)”. I politely smiled in her face and said “actually, the tip has already been included for you”. (Thank God for auto grat!!!!)


Had a large group of older women come into my restaurant and knew we did auto grat on 8+ parties. One of the women told the hostess that there were going to be six in her party; her friend butted in and said, “I thought it was eight.” The first woman told her, “Hush your mouth and sit down.” They ended up splitting into three parties of three and all tipped between $2-3. One woman complained about her ticket. “$13.37?? That’s a whole lot of other things I can buy with that!”