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I’m Drunk Look at My Junk

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Embarrassing, Stories

Isn’t it funny that when customers sit or stand at the bar, they think that because you’re behind the bar you can’t hear their strange and sometimes depraved conversations?

Overheard two gay men discussing padded underwear to make their junk look bigger. The consensus was….you want to look big, but not tooooo big…


I always make a point to be chipper with my guests and always be in a good mood. No one has ever commented on it really besides the occasional, “I need some coffee…like you!”

However, during the first couple months I started serving (so obviously I was very excited), probably the best assumption about myself happened!

One of our younger hosts approached me in fits of laughter. “Oh my God,” she said, trying to talk and gasp for air at the same time. “You will never guess what your table just said about you.”

Uh ohhh. This could go good or bad.

“They asked if you were on drugs. HAHAHA. Seriously. They literally came up to me and said, “Hey you know that bubbly blonde waitress? Does she pop pills or anything to get her going…she’s so bouncy and energetic!! It’s not natural!”

I just about died of laughter…my place of employment is very strict about drinking, drugs, and even cigarettes.

But I’ll take it as a compliment…better than being the restaurant grump!


Click the picture to view article

Click the picture to view article

Hello, my name is Chris. I am the owner and founder of Every once in a while a story crosses my path that truly affects me. The woman seen abusing Dunkin’ Donuts employees in this video is a 27-year-old Florida woman Taylor Chapman. For some unexplained reason she decided to film herself verbally attacking the day shift employees of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Armed with an iPhone and a slew of ignorant raciest remarks she recorded herself complaining about not receiving a receipt for a previous order. It truly makes me sad that anyone could treat people in this manner. So to enact a little revenge for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that were mistreated I decided to write an article about her. Click the picture to see her in action and read the article.


I walk up to my table to find my customer breastfeeding her kid in the middle of the restaurant, straight boob out for everyone to see! Shameless! At least cover it up!


Old Lady with severe dementia comes in with her family. As I am pre-bussing she proclaims that she has to use the restroom. However, she had already began to go. Diarrhea all over the seat and trailing through the dining room. We had to open the emergency exit to let guests leave. I felt so bad for the busser who had to clean it up! I tipped him extra that night!


I wasn’t a bartender but I worked as a bus boy my first year of college. One day after work the managers told everyone that we needed to start cutting people off that looked like they were too drunk. The next night I over heard a waiter talking to his 6 top.

Waiter: How is everyone?

First Customer: Can we get another round?

Waiter: I can get one for everyone else but you can’t even look at me straight. I’m sorry but I have to cut you off.

Second Customer: DUDE, She’s been cross eyed since birth!

Waiter: One round coming right up!


In honor of Spring Break here is a mash-up of party fails:

I was setting up for a party of 20 with my coworker and talking about how we’d split the gratuity with the breaker.  My coworker said, “we’ll give him NOTHING, I had a party last night and he passed out on my couch then pissed himself, he owes me.” after the party, the breaker never asked for his cut.  I love my job.

You thought your night was bad?

Whenever I close I always hide in the bathroom to avoid doing sidework…. sorry not sorry