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I worked at a pizza place in a college town and had to deal with all manner of drunken debauchery, but one guy took the cake. Big guy, wearing a stained beater and a orange hunting vest, stumbles into our shop around 1:00 AM, a fairly hectic time affectionately referred to as the “drunk rush.” He orders a slice, takes it and sits down at a small table to eat.

Halfway through, his head begins drooping and I’m worried the guy is either going to pass out or puke (neither were uncommon occurrences at this hour). After several attempts I finally manage to wake him up and he mutters something about needing to piss and wanders off towards the bathroom which was, at this time, apparently occupied. Not content with being forced to wait, the guy pulls out his dick and starts pissing all over the floor, walls, and bathroom door. I should mention that this is a tiny 1-room restaurant and this is happening in full view of everyone.

He finishes up, pulls up his pants as best he could (he left them unzipped and hanging around his hips) and trudges back to his table, where he lays his head down in his half eaten slice of pizza and promptly passes the fuck out. No amount of cajoling, threatening or physical force would move this man. I called in my boss, a large and threatening Bolivian man, who manages to wake him up and starts yelling at him to get the fuck out of his store, etc.

Drunk guy doesn’t like this and starts yelling back, by this point the whole restaurant is silent and watching this exchange. Drunk guy decides he’s had enough and stomps out of the store. As soon as he steps foot outside, he turns around, pulls down his pants and starts smearing his ass all over the full length windows at the front of the store. Then his drunk ass buddy starts doing the same thing. Fucking pandemonium.


Customers go nuts, some of the drunker ones start shouting at the guy which just pisses him off more, and distracts him from the fact that he’s fucking naked from the waist down and wagging his cock all over the place. Ended up having to call the cops to forcibly remove him and his buddy, and the guy was so big and drunk it took 4 of them to restrain him.


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At the end of our shift yesterday at a night club one of the bar staff members found …a leek…. left by a customer on the dance floor.. Out of all outrageous things you could find at the end of your shift this has to be the weirdest one so far! We just had to put it on the display on the back of the bar.


Leek found on dance floor


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No matter where you work there is some kind of uniform. Whether you have to squeeze yourself into little orange shorts, wear nothing but white with a stupid tie, black on black on black on black, a full on tuxedo, lingerie, semi casual, or 15 pieces of flair…whatever… the management makes you pay for some part of your uniform. Which meaaaannnns we wear em till they fall off!

Lets be real, i’d rather buy you a round of drinks instead


Waiter with ripped pants

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I was completely done with my side work, about to clock out. I reach over the beans to grab my dinner then, BAM! this happened. FML

– Meghan



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What we have here, folks, is Long Beach ghettoness at it’s finest. This bitch straight brought her house phone out with her and plugged it into the ATM jack my restaurant.


ghetto Girl uses atm jack to make phone call

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We have a whale tail spotting, unfortunately he is 50, balding, and has a very hairy back.


Photo Stories thong

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The really drunk dude in the red hat decided to go home with the ugly version of Sea-Biscuit…

Horse lady goes home with drunk guy

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Hello, my name is Chris. I am the owner and founder of Every once in a while a story crosses my path that truly affects me. The woman seen abusing Dunkin’ Donuts employees in this video is a 27-year-old Florida woman Taylor Chapman. For some unexplained reason she decided to film herself verbally attacking the day shift employees of a Dunkin’ Donuts. Armed with an iPhone and a slew of ignorant raciest remarks she recorded herself complaining about not receiving a receipt for a previous order. It truly makes me sad that anyone could treat people in this manner. So to enact a little revenge for the Dunkin’ Donuts employees that were mistreated I decided to write an article about her. Click the picture to see her in action and read the article.