Cosmo Runs Article Blaintly Insulting That Service Industry

Cosmopolitan magazine recently posted an expose’ about the “girls that hit on your man in pubic.” One of their “problem girls” was “the flirty waitress.” The idea that every female food server is out to hook up with your man is ridiculous. These women are in a SERVICE POSITION. Their income increases (better tips) when they are friendly and engaging. Of course there are a few bad apples in the bunch (that really are trying to steal yo man) but 99% of the women in the food service industry are hard working, honest, dynamic people that are waiting tables to fund education or other endeavors.


One Waitress in Southern Californa wrote, “Cosmo…your article about the waitress is so insulting and just mean. I have worked in the industry for 10 years while I had to work through high school and college. I choose to continue waitressing after college so that I could take time to travel and see the world. Your comments are just plain mean and you should be ashamed. Most waitresses are not like that and I am no exception. I wait on terrible mean people day in and day out. If anything the ad should be the complete opposite. A creep guy hitting on the waitress every time his girlfriend turns his head. Clearly whomever created this is a insecure person who has never had to work in the service industry. Oh and Cosmo… you’re just a dick for publishing this crap. GET IT TOGETHER EDITORS OF COSMO…… Next time you go out to eat.. I may be your waitress”