Industry Life: Another “Religious” Creep

If you look down on tipping, or if it’s against your religion or philosophy, then you shouldn’t patronize businesses where the employees count on tips as part of their pay. Recently another creep from the “Christian” right went out to eat at and decided to abuse the wait staff then posted about it on Facebook. Here is the post:


It reads,

“I feel the need to share this story. Laurie and I met her family at Applebee’s for lunch today. After we received the bill, I was appalled that they require a mandatory 15% gratuity for groups of 8 or more, regardless of your service. I do not feel I should have to tip a person more than I tithe my God. I argued with the waitress in which she called the manager. I discussed my religious beliefs with the manager, who then told me that not everyone believes in your GOD. She pointed out that the gratuity policy was on all of the menus at the bottom in extremely small print, that you would need a magnifying glass in order to read it. She then threatened to call the police. At this point, I told her that she could adjust the bill to 10% gratuity or go ahead and call the police. I was not going to pay a person more than what I tithe my GOD. In the end, she didn’t call the police, respected my religious beliefs, and reduced the gratuity to 10%. She did reply that anyfuture visits with a group of 8 or more would require the mandatory company policy of paying 15% gratuity. I told her that we will not be returning to a company that will not accommodate people’s religious ethics. I felt the need to share this because it is important for Christians to stand up for the values God has instituted in the Bible.”

In the U.S. servers do not make minimum wage and rely on making a livable wage by way of tips. And I have a suspicion that these “religious” customers are very aware of this fact but either don’t care, or subscribe to the ideology that “god will provide.” Or that the love of god or the lord or whomever they subscribe to should make them “rich” enough.

If you’re not going to tip on principle, but you go to businesses where tipping is expected, you’re a despicable human being.

Did Pastor Alois Bell’s actions not teach you anything??? If you are unfamiliar with that fiasco lets get you caught up. A Pastor named Alois Bell went out to eat at Applebees and left this receipt:



Recap: Pastor Alois Bell crossed off the default 18 percent tip and wrote: “I give God 10% . Why do you get 18?” This sets up the pastor as one of the cheapest Christians who ever displayed her parsimony to the masses.

Another waitress saw the receipt and posted it.

The embarrassed Pastor Bell doubled down on her arrogance and demanded that the waitress be fired. (Hell hath no fury like a woman pastor scorned).

Applebee’s did.

It all kicked into viral gear.

The story has gone viral: A group got together at Applebees. When the tab came the minister wrote on the ticket, “I give God 10 percent, why should I give you 18?” She scratched through the automatic large-group tip and substituted a fat zero and signed it with the word “Pastor” in front of her name. The waitress posted an image on Reddit. The pastor called to complain. The waitress got fired. The internet went wild. Last I saw, one story had 80,000 comments and counting.

In reality, the pastor simply exposed something that is all too common to Christian thinking: the sense that giving to the church and to religious charities is the be-all and end all of generosity. As indignant reactions to the Applebee’s incident show, service workers sometimes pay the price:

A server wrote and submitted this story when the receipt went viral:

“I worked at the Outback Steakhouse for 3 years and we ALL dreaded Sundays.”

“The Sunday after church crowd were always the worst tippers. I found another line of work.”

“As a former waitress who frequently served large parties of CHURCH members and pastors, I can attest to the fact that the majority of them were very demanding, condescending, dismissive and cheap. When 1 or 2 from the party of 12 -15 did tip they would leave pennies and loose change.”

“I have waited tables in the past and I am sorry to say this behavior is not unusual. Often Ministers come into restaurants with their parishioners and treat the staff their to wait on them beyond poorly. They usually come in rather large parties and often leave very little tip for the poor server, who goes out of their way to care for the group.”

“I also provide a service to the public. It is ALWAYS the churches that want something for free or don’t tip.”

“I waited tables for over 30 years and I have been stiffed many times by people like her.”

This has to stop these people are STEALING from the hard working people that take care of them time after time.


  1. Ovire Essien says:

    You did the right thing.

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