Ninja Restaurant in New York

Wait….are you telling me I get to dress up like a ninja, pop out of secret compartments, and scare the shit out of the people that get seated in my section? YEP, that is the exactly the philosophy held by the creators of Ninja, a New York-based restaurant wherein every single detail is themed around feudal Japan.

I may have dressed up like a ninja 3 Halloweens in a row. Seriously this kind of sounds like my childhood dream job minus the asshole customers, getting endless refills of diet coke, and getting stiffed for no reason.

Ninjas are supposed to be known for their trickery, deception, and seemingly mystical powers so to capture that feeling the owners of the restaurant encourage the wait staff to go from table to table performing ninja-themed magic tricks involving fire, smoke, and ninja swords.

As a waiter here you have to dress in a  tight-fitting, black garb typically associated with ninjas. You get to carry blades, wear masks, and prowl throughout the restaurant as if seeking a target.


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