Restaurant Randomness Celebrities Who Are Horrible Tippers Edition

Madonna – Doesn’t always leave a tip, when she does it’s a cheap one.

Tobey Maguire – Doesn’t always leave a tip, and when he does it isn’t generous.

Kelly Preston – Notoriously bad tipper. Most of the time she doesn’t leave a tip at all.

Tom Green – Once left $15 on a $175 tab and is a well known cheapskate.

John Kerry – Left $20 on a tab of over $700!

Bobby Brown – Rude to wait staff, lets his kids run amuk and left a$10 gratuity on a $250 restaurant tab.

Dan Marino – Wouldn’t talk to server directly, had to have a member of his entourage handle it. Tipped $10 on $210

Sean Penn – He and three others had New Orleans waiters waiting on them hand and foot. The tip left on a $450 tab? Absolutely nothing. There are lots of instances of Sean Penn stiffing waitstaff.

David Lee Roth – Is known to be demanding and send food back. Tips 8%.

Diddy – Left a $40 tip for his bill – a $900 dinner for 15 people.

Gwyneth Paltrow – Doesn’t leave a decent tip. Ever.

Jesse Jackson – Left $20 on a $228 tab.

Kirsten Dunst – According to one server she’s whiny and smells bad. Left nothing behind after racking up a $223 bill.

Bill Cosby – Once left a $3 tip on a $350 order.

Michael Moore – Once left less than $20 on a bill totally $452.52.

Richard Dreyfuss – Bad tipper and high maintenance “whiny” client

Barbra Streisand – Doesn’t always tip. When she does it’s $10 for a bill of over $450. She’s very high maintenance and demanding and no one ever wants to wait on her.

Britney Spears – Once tipped a valet by dropping change on the ground and telling him “there’s your tip”. Also paid a $26 tip on a $500 tab.

Katherine Heigl – The worst offender of them all! Never tips, is super high maintenance, sends things back multiple times, complaines about everything, and one server that waited on her even said that Heigl tried to get her fired because her Margarita tasted bad…