Server Problems

When someone asks if I am on break:



When I poop on the clock:



When someone ugly gives me their number:



When I get quadruple sat and all for tables have children:



When I hook up with the new hot host:



When my manager forces me to work a double:



When someone tries to steal my table:



When someone asks if I am drinking after work:



When I have to work a party of 30 with a co-worker and they are all foregin:



When I have to go to work before noon:


Hot Bartenders

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  1. gingercastro says:

    I worked as a server from 2002-2004 at various restaurants. When I had a nervous breakdown due to things going on in my personal life, not related to being a server, and began receiving a disability check due to my bipolar diagnosis I remember dining out and feeling like I missed the energy of working at a restaurant. I got a job as a server on the graveyard shift at Denny’s in 2012 and quickly realized I was doing fine not having to go to work to make money. lol

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