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A co-worker just notified me that I not only  look like Sasha Grey (A Porn Star), but sound like her as well…thats not awkward or anything.


It will NEVER stop being awkward when the same coworker continuously grabs your ass and pretends like he just didn’t.


That awkward moment when you walk into the bathroom to find a fellow co-worker racking lines off the toilet…


Still not sure how to react when an ex comes to a restaurant YOU work at with the new girlfriend.  I thought the hardest part of serving was being nice to stupid people….a skill in which you are eventually trained to master…being nice to Ex’s and their new significant other is an entirely different scenario- one that I was definitely not prepared for.


How do you get out of a long conversation with a depressed celebrity?? He’s obviously in need of a friend and I’m just here to get in, get out, and pay my bills.