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I was on my feet over twelve hours at work, serving people…I mean assholes…..granting every food wish like a god damn underpaid fairy, then my manager had the audacity to attempt to chew me out for walking by a half of a paper straw wrapper. I hope he has nightmares of the death face I was flashing him during his pointless conversation with me.

– Gaby

Our DM is such a fucking mouthbreather…. whenever he comes by, he stays the whole day and just walks around breathing down everyone’s neck and talks in this child molester voice and asks a billion questions at once: “Hey gal! How’s it going today? All your food coming out alright? Everything going okay? Have you tried our new dish? Been personalizing drink orders? Been giving great service? Have you been PERSONALIZING YOUR SERVICE?”

personalize my service… how about I personalize your face?


In an office job if you’re sick the powers at be want you to stay home. If someone tries to gut it out they are invariably told over and over again to go home and get some rest.
This is not the case in the restaurant industry. You’d think that GMs would want folks to stay home rather than cough on customers, food, or other servers. Sanitation should be key…except when you’re sick and haven’t found someone to cover your shift!


Every time I watch my manager give something away for free because some cheap prick complained I die a little inside.

– Travis

Flu Season

Posted: January 17, 2013 in Gross, Stories
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It’s flu season. I have the flu. Last shift I showed up even though I was sick. Mid way through the shift I went down hill fast, I felt like I was going to throw up. I told my manager I needed to go home and he said sorry we are slammed you have to stay. No more than 5 minutes later I had to run to the bathroom and puke. I told him I just threw up and I needed to go home, the asshole just shrugged gave me a mint and said tough…..I quit and walked out.


Wednesday morning I was waiting tables at a seafood place when five women came in and ate. The first woman to leave asked for her check, which was $38. She left a $50 bill and walked out without waiting for change.

Today she called the restaurant asking for me, and told the manager she wanted her change back. My asshole manager made me give back her $12. I quit that same day.


Dead Night

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Funny, Stories
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Alright, to start off I want you know that I am currently at work. I also want you to know that I’ve had some pretty bad nights (fights, puke on the bar, old chicks flopping out saggy tits, four deep at the bar, people waving money and snapping their fingers to get my attention…) but I have never had a night as bad as tonight. Why so bad? Because the only person that I have seen tonight was my manager who walked in and said “holy shit. It’s fucking dead in here. Too bad the owner won’t let you close early. Welp, see you later.”


Got a job at a brand new restaurant/bar owned by a first time restaurant/bar owner, not only has she never owned a bar before she has never even had a job at a restaurant before. A local food critic/food writer for a local paper came in last week with his friends. The owner told me that everything the party ordered would be comped. So when they asked for their bill and I said it was taken care of they left me $40! After they left the manager asked for the tip to help pay for the cost of the bill. I QUIT ON THE SPOT! I drove by today and the place is closed down! Serves the owner right!


One horrible Valentine’s Day, my old boss decided to book only two waitresses (myself and another girl) to serve (including drinks) a 24 table restaurant. He also only booked one extra prep cook for the kitchen. It was a DISASTER! It was, of course, a full house. As a result, every meal was ridiculously late coming up and people were seriously pissed off. Some of the reserved tables had been filled with walk-ins because my boss had estimated that they would be well finished before the reservation times. BUUTTT since food was coming up late, people were finishing food late and then the reservations started to arrive with no seating available. Nightmare!