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While delivering food to another servers’ table, I walked up on this table of 7 middle-aged business-type ladies whom were passing around numerous pictures of boobs. Shots just of the boobs, nothing else. All types, nice ones, odd ones, large and small. Half the pics were perfect racks. They didn’t notice my approach, and all seemed very excited.

ahem “Ladies, hot plates!”

With a few shrieks they immediately began shuffling the pictures away while awkwardly laughing, looking embarrassed and blushing hard.

“Nothing I haven’t seen before, ladies” trying to put down these fucking hot plates/ease thier embarrasment. Turns out they were before and after shots of thier boob-jobs. They said one of them (and pointed to her) was thinking about getting one and they were convincing her. She almost slid under the table with embarrassment.