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Are you drunk? Lock it up and send your party pictures to !!!!!

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21 year old wine connoisseurs! Just because you may have gone to a vineyard with your parents, you still don’t know shit…you’ve probably been drinking for what, 6 months? Puh-leeeeese!


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Note to all 15 year olds: the whole “ewww there was a hair in my fries. Even though I ate them all, I refuse to pay for these and actually want some more” trick only works once per restaurant. Unless you like spit in your fries, please take note of this advice given. Thank you.


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There always has to be that one group of guys that think they’re so awesome because every waitress they make an inappropriate, perverted comment to acts like its cool and sometimes even smiles. Note to all the douche-bags who pull this one: we smile because we are paid to do so…and we continue to talk to you and act as if we give a fuck weather or not you’re enjoying your entree because we literally cannot leave…and most importantly take note that you all are disgusting! K, thanks!


In the spirit of Halloween we decided to make an extra gallery…

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