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I just love when you come in and take up my tables while ordering from the bar. I especially love when you stay throughout the entire rush, taking up one of my few tables just to drink on whatever you’re ordering from the bar. It gets even better when I ask if I could take care of you, requesting you maybe close out with the bar, but you don’t and just leave your mess for me to clean even though I didn’t make a penny for it.

Thanks, people that do this!

– Sky

You know what’s really COOL AND FUN?

Leaving work almost an hour after you close because a table decides to stay after hours. They’re not even your table, your just in charge of closing the register and have to wait. for them to cash out, then they don’t even tip their waitress.

– Lily

Those certain people who eat incredibly slow when all you want to do is go home. LAMEEEEEEEE-SAUCE!


I was the cocktail area closer the other night. Our signs all say we close at 9:30. My manager was walking to the door to lock it (right at 9:30. He is crazy punctual), when a trashy looking couple walks in. I was the last person on, so naturally it fell to me to serve them.

After greeting them, I told them “just so you know, our kitchen has been in the process of closing for a while now, so there might be some things that are unavailable, or that will take some time to make.” I expected them to order something quick and easy, like a pot pie.

Instead, I get this “Can I get a full rack of ribs with some fried shrimp, an order of croissants, a salad, a side of mashed potatoes, an order of onion rings (which by the way are hand breaded, fried, and then stacked 22 rings high), and a side of broccoli cheese casserole? And she’ll have the grilled chicken alfredo, a salad, and a side of corn.”

I finally left the restaurant at 11:30 (two hours after we close) after cleaning up their gigantic (mostly uneaten) mess. And the tip? Three dollars. On a $65 bill.

I love people. So. Fucking. Much.


Don’t you just hate it when a shitload of people decide to come and eat 20 minutes before you close the restaurant?


– Tommy

My table has been here for 4 hours, I am going to ask these CAMPERS if they need a pillow, and a blanket….