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During a shift one day, I noticed the ranch dressing was getting a little low.  I pulled out the massive ranch tub from the fridge and started topping the ranch container off.  I looked down, and I noticed something funny about the dressing.  Instead of having those little blue/green pieces you see in regular ranch, it was just plain white.  Blue cheese.  I had poured blue cheese in the ranch container.

I couldn’t just leave it, obviously, because what if someone was allergic to blue cheese? I got down on the floor with the blue cheese/ranch mixture.  I was freaking out slightly, so when I noticed the trash can sitting in front of me, it seemed the only logical thing to do; I reached in the container with both hands and scooped out the blue cheese I had poured, and plopped it into the trash can.  Then, I stirred the remaining blue cheese into the ranch so no one would notice.

And that’s why you shouldn’t trust places with a salad bar.


A few weeks ago, I watched a grown woman sob into her napkin because we left the cheese out of her sandwich…The crazy part was her husband just sat there quietly eating while she threw a tantrum. Bizarre.