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One night when I was a waitress at Texas Roadhouse, a guy at my table of 20 people decided to start throwing peanuts at me while I was taking orders. One of the peanuts hit me in my chest and everyone at the table noticed it. Everyone got real quiet. I looked at the guy and said “I’ve got something really special for your food order,” and the whole table erupted with laughter. The guy turned bright red and had a look on his face that said he had just lost his appetite. I’m sure he thought twice before drinking his lemonade and biting into his steak.


Thanks for telling me I have a great body for the Hooters uniform! Unfortunately, I work at Chili’s, not Hooters, to avoid creepy men like yourself. Just because you always tip over 50% doesn’t mean that I have to put up with your vulgar “compliments”. Go buy a hooker with all that money if you want someone to creep on. You are paying me for food, nothing more.

And another thing…next time you want to tell my manager that I’m out of line for feeling disrespected, take a step back and look at what line YOU crossed.

– Nicole

I got cut and had to sweep underneath my booths. I had a bunch of kids that night so it was guna take awhile. The restaurant was nearly empty except for a booth in the adjacent section. 4 boys all around 17 that were loud as hell. I got through sweeping three booths and when got working on the second I realized it suddenly got super quiet. I turned to see one of them holding out his phone… taking pictures…of me bending over. The second I realized what he was doing I dropped the dustpan and broom and walked back to the line and announced I was done cleaning my section.


You know what my job doesn’t require? Receiving bedroom eyes and inappropriate language from grown men who are complete strangers and twice my age. I’m not some random girl who you get to toss compliments~ at in the hopes that maybe I’ll flirt with you and remind you what it’s like to be wanted sexually, because you know what happens when I don’t flirt with you? You become rude and obnoxious and you don’t leave me any tips on a nearly $50 bill. I’m not an object, I’m a PERSON. And furthermore, I’m a woman, and I’m a woman who will demand respect or at least some semblance of respectful interaction with people. I’m past the point of nodding and agreeing and THANKING YOU for coming onto me while I’m at work, because I didn’t know what else to do. I know what to do now, and I guarantee you won’t like those results, so I’d advise you to learn how to talk to women.